Career Update: Video Producer and Teaching Assistant / Researcher

This Fall, I was able to secure two opportunities within educational settings.  I will be working as a Video Producer with the Commissioner’s Office for the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE), and as a Teaching Assistant / Researcher with the Literary Media & Communications Department (LMC) at the Washington, D.C. based Duke Ellington School of the Arts.

I am excited about both of these remote opportunities.  At Duke Ellington School of the Arts, I will gain experience in student teaching with lesson plan development, instruction, evaluation, and educational event support with the mission of educating aspiring young artists in poetry, writing, filmmaking, and multimedia storytelling.  I will also assist with administrative support and grant research / writing.

DESE maintains “first in the nation” status on many educational endeavors.  As a seasonal Video Producer, I will work on production and editing for internal communication tutorial videos, script development for the Teacher of the Year radio and television campaign, video transcriptions, and voiceover for the Deeper Learning Kaleidoscope project.  I will also handle audience insight research on radio, television and geofencing analytics / streaming campaigns.

It is my hope that these opportunities will also me to utilize my current skillset, while allowing me to strengthen and expand my abilities for future projects.