Introducing “To Each, Her Throne” – A Female-Centric Docuseries

I am pleased to introduce you to “To Each, Her Throne,” a docu-series with an all-female cast and crew.  The Director, AD, Producer, DP and even the studio-owner are female. Visit to contribute and find out more. You can donate to obtain merch and/or tickets for the upcoming screening in New York. 

We are on the heels of Black History Month and now Women’s History Month is underway.  This project was conceptualized by black female filmmakers with the goal of breaking the ice on societal mandates. Women from different ages, backgrounds, sexualities, religions, races and ethnic groups will come together for judgement-free discourse on the female experience. Be on the lookout for details.

  • Director: Danielle Privat
  • AD / DP: Alecia Allen
  • Producer: Briana M. Andrews

Read more about the TEHT project, cast and crew => #ToEachHerThrone

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This page is for ANYONE in favor of a more diverse and inclusive film community.  We are here to showcase women in television and film.   Female directors, producers, writers, editors, camera-operators, DP, cinematographers, photographers, sound designers, graphic designers, composers AND everyone in between.  We’d also love to see professionals in marketing, digital media, distribution, casting, higher education, gear and festivals. 

Celebrating our second year of operation, BibbyFame Digital LLC founder, Briana-Makena Andrews expressed the desire for a renewed vision, with operation as a purpose-driven company.  For her New Media Practicum at Rowan University, she proposed the creation of a blog and forum dedicated to female-centric creators, with an emphasis on film and TV.