Women in Film, Meet the Team Behind Drama-Comedy Short, Daughters of Solanas (Part 1)

Elizabeth Banks – Industry Producer, Actor, Director

For the Women’s Weekend Film Challenge, Team Banks was named after the Elizabeth Banks. A long-time supporter of female-centric storytelling, she is largely known for her starring roles as Effie Trinket in The Hunger Games and Gail Abernathy-McKadden in the Pitch Perfect Film series. She is also a producer behind the Hulu series, Shrill and co founder of WhoHaha which spotlights women in comedy.

Cast Actresses – Daughters of Solanas. Actresses Rebbekah Vega-Romero, McKenzie Mayle and Malinda Logan – Photo by Briana M. Andrews April 6, 2019

Here are the profiles and some fun facts about some of the women involved in the creation of the film. You can also visit the Instagram and Facebook pages.

Shanna Riker, Associate Producer Daughters of Solanas

Shanna Riker is the ASSOCIATE PRODUCER for the film. Shanna is a writer, producer and director from Brooklyn, NY. Her first feature, Unfinished Works is currently in post-production. Fun fact about Shanna: Her first acting role was the icicle in a kindergarten Christmas pageant.




Liana Edward, Boom Operator Daughters of Solanas

Liana Edward is the BOOM OPERATOR for the film. Liana is a master of many: a creative director with photography, film producing and writing talents. You can check her out at www.behance.net/invisionaryimagery



Jayde Kim, Editor – Daughters of Solanas

Jayde Kim is the EDITOR for the film. Jayde worked as a film / video editor for many years. Fun fact about Jayde, she enjoys watching horror movies before she goes to sleep.




Rachel Fischman, Assistant Editor – Daughters of Solanas

Rachel Fischman is the ASSISTANT EDITOR for the film. Rachel is a sophomore at Hunter College in New York studying Film and Media Production. She is a graphic designer on Planet Papaya as well as a theatrical Technical Director. Netflix’s Explained and Heathers fully encompasses her TV and movie habits.

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